• Tearing a hole within my heart~
    I Should have left right at the start~
    Always using me,I'm not a drug so stop abusing me~
    You're not the girl you said you were, you ripped holes in my heart~
    And im back at the start...Now that your gone and out of my life...
    i can~
    Burn-Burn-Burn it all-you burned a hole in my heart-Burn-Burn~
    I'm going to burn you down so that you die inside...just like me!!!

    Finaly i can see who you wouldnt let me be~
    what you wouldnt let me see~
    Everything i couldnt be~
    Now i can see what you really are,what you can really be~

    Burn-Burn-Burn...your aspirations..your dreams...your love...~
    Now you can feel just like me!!!!!!
    I wont let you hurt anyone else~
    This time your little lie has damned you!!!