• I open my eyes to the new world around me
    I screem for the warmth of my mother
    I look around and see a face so peaceful
    but it is not my moms
    no, it's my dad

    I'm 1 now sitting. Staring at the seeling
    listining to my mothers voice
    saying nasty, crule words
    but to who?
    I don't recoll any friends coming over
    I listen closer
    she says my dads name.

    could she be yelling at him?
    But what kind of peaceful, caring person needs to be yelled at?
    I listen almost crying
    "You said you would stop drinking. Why did you lie to me?"
    I here a slap.

    I cry.
    No. not for my mother, but for that loving creater I call Daddie.
    I hear someone coming. Then open the door.
    My mother with red eyes like shes been crying too.
    I look up and fight.
    Not her.
    I yell "DADDIE"

    She stares at me like shes confused
    I stop.
    I here a door slam.
    Next thing I knew I was In my bed
    saring at the seeling.

    I'm 12 now. almost 13.
    Not yet have I seen my sweet old fathers face.
    I live with my mother.
    I've been loney.
    by myself and confused.
    My mother is too.

    All I know is that he was differant. heart