• I saw him.
    He didn't see me.
    Or did he?
    I will never know.

    That crazy boy.
    That funny, crazy boy.
    With the mop of brown hair,
    who knew he could sing?

    With his tenor,
    and my alto,
    we make a duet.
    A good one.

    Christmas carols we sang,
    in the boat going down the street.
    In jackets and gloves we sang,
    getting colder by the minute.

    He was behind the chair,
    I was beside him.
    Eric was in the chair,
    laughing and singing horribly.

    I have to wonder...
    would Shawn have been happy for me?
    If he knew that I have a good friend?
    If I had a good guy friend...

    To sing with,
    to joke with,
    to laugh with.
    To eat ribs with.

    To smile at,
    to be smiled at.
    We play the tenors,
    we have that in common.

    We drum.
    We yell.
    We play.
    We laugh.

    It is times like that,
    happy times,
    that I am sad.
    I will not forget.

    Neither will he.
    I hope that Shawn is happy now,
    and knows that we miss him.
    I really hope he knows that.