• Chorus:

    White is our purity, red from your obscurity,
    is there no sense of justice any longer? Or only to those who befall upon its rule?
    While we leave our people to hunger, jobs dispersing, and in debt schools...
    We've tried and tried with no effect of word...
    Now we act, so know, we don't need to be heard...

    Standing in battle, bullets flying past,
    dashing through the field simply trying to last,
    Only hope to survive is the bullet in your gun...
    while when you fall there will be the pain to everyone...

    A state of honor, where we're bombing innocence for peace,
    Now look at the trouble, your hands are in grease...
    making it dirtier and dirtier, but to slippery to take in hand
    see how you ruined the country and our land?

    Don't deny it, you know it's true
    Killing all, watch them fall, you don't care who...
    There is no reason, to have done, what we did
    Top dogs of the world, became the bottom of the grid...

    We've given up our beliefs, and thrown away principles
    Why listen and care for those who refuse to follow?
    Our power is way under decimals
    Our heart has became hollow...

    We can't do it, we can't speak, we gone through it, now we're weak
    we thought by now it was obvious what we're saying
    So start acting now there's not time nor delaying.

    Take back what you've done?
    Then they'll forgive?
    Return the lives to everyone
    let them all live

    But no, you won't you follow anything but your selfish ways
    seeing how selfish you are with a crave...
    To bomb and take to rule and hate
    to shut us out, leave us full of doubt
    We'll just try
    then we'll die
    for you've made reason of an Anarchy
    Hope you'll all see me...

    Go ahead, lock us away
    see if that helps
    Our system falls on hay
    while we're pained in yelps
    Hitting the floor, for all of them
    Taking it in, starting to overwhelm.

    Now take on the whole anti-democracy side
    We'll watch with joy and pride
    For our words are true, and yours proven lied.
    We've became the pause and ending, of your demeaning ride...

    Pain the White House Red, By .:A Rising Rebellion:.
    ~Written by Collin Greer~