• How could you?
    How could you have betrayed me so,
    And called me the traitor!?

    You stole my love,
    You stole my life!
    You took from me all I held dear.

    Oh damn this prison!
    All the answers, the end to my suffering,
    Lies at the tip of this knife. Farewell and good riddance!

    But no... I cannot die with you still alive.
    I must escape and seek you out.
    I assure you my revenge will be slow.

    The pain i felt will be nothing compared to what I
    Will inflict upon you, my old friend.
    Oh I will not kill you, but you will suffer.

    I have found wealth and status
    With which to exact my vengeance.
    And you will be none the wiser,

    Until the final stroke, when
    You will know, that I am
    The count of Monte Cristo.