• Verse 1:
    i can see it now
    the world stops breathing for just one moment ( just one moment)
    i can see you now
    your heart it racing and you are facing me
    is this perfection?
    is this my direction?

    maybe now i can breathe
    without her breathing down my neck
    what did i expect?

    you were my everything
    just like she was before
    till i walk through that door and saw you looking at me
    you are my everything
    and that scares her to know
    that you will never go until i let you see
    that's your my everything

    Verse 2:
    i can hear it now
    the room goes silent for just one moment (just one moment)
    i can hear it now
    you're saying my name since forever
    is this reality?
    is this my destiny?