• When stars burn bright
    All others deminish
    But does that mean
    They are really finished?

    They are like souls
    Forever alight
    And when they smolder
    What a terrible sight.

    One work pass
    Another one comes
    Bills pile up
    And debt is all summed

    School starts to spiral
    And I hit the edge
    I want to jump
    But I stop at the ledge

    I look for help
    A friend made a call
    And then my thoughts came back
    The jump began to fall

    I listened to her
    Her words were wise
    Never shall
    They be despised

    She said unto me
    Listen to my words
    Send back out
    To the flocks and the herds

    Never Fear whats past
    Or the future that's there
    For then you will
    Try not to care

    Never fear loss
    Or love that's not yet
    For then you will spend
    For an enormous Debt

    Never fear pride nor judgement
    For you will only know sorrow and pain
    And your life has fallen
    As if it were Rain

    I follow her words
    Though she does not
    And I come back to her
    On a day that was hot

    I repeated those words
    That were handed to me
    She grew a big smile
    And said she was free

    She fell at that moment
    Lost in her grin
    And another life was lost
    When one would begin.