• Was it even you?
    Thats what im wondering as i sit here
    in sorrow of a broken life!
    When happiness decays and when
    life feels like an ample cave of sorrow
    caving in on you. You just wish you
    were never born,this abyss you and
    your lies created im so tormented.
    Who was that vantrilivquist any way?
    Im pretty sure it was YOU! Oh so
    much sorrow just take me away.
    As i cry i pray to my God to take
    control, i know at one point i did
    not beleive in your exsistance but
    i couldn't help it there was just so much
    What will be my end?
    Im locked in the cave sorrows or past
    memories. I don't know for a fact if its you
    if it wasn't you please forgive me for telling
    them it was you it just sounded like that time
    said "the needles in y skin" aloud forgive me.
    You said that had to but since when do i
    even ridicule you?

    Please tell me if you like it or not?