• People say they don’t hind from them self,
    They say the show there true masks,
    But what if that’s a lie,
    What if when we smile we what to cry,
    What if when we laugh we want to die,
    But there always if,
    If we want to cry we'll cry on the inside,
    If we say were strong it means were weak,
    If we smiles its fake,
    What about the people how don’t hide,
    Dose it mean when we smile were happy,
    If we cry were sad,
    If we laugh it pure joy,
    If were strong we can take on the world,
    But if you ask me we show our self when we want those we trust too see the true us.
    But we only show our masks when were afraid of what those we don’t trust will think.
    But than that just me a girl how shows her mask to those she don’t trust
    and shows those we do our true self no matter what we look like.