• Juliet and Romeo

    He looks at her like she’s something to prove
    And I don’t.
    He tell her to write the wrongs and bleed the rights
    And I won’t.
    He begs her to act, stand against them for herself
    And I can’t.

    His eyes stare hollow
    I don’t believe in happy endings
    He forces words into her face
    Not for myself
    Accusing her of betraying him
    To yourself: I never lied
    He ties letters together around her neck
    I won’t be the one you want tonight
    Until bitterness and passion flee
    You never needed me
    He crushes her lips in hopes of a reawakening
    I’m not that little girl anymore
    Curses as he carries away
    I won’t let you take my hand
    Dreams and wishes that once soared free
    You won’t lead my heart again
    Caged and sold for a last chance
    We played out so poetically
    He shuts his eyes and braces himself
    You won’t find your salvation in me
    The echo of her whispers carry over him
    This isn’t what you want
    He forces back his pain: It is.
    You’re a fool.
    I love you.