• He is your Angel,
    Your bundle of joy.
    He brightens your world,
    That sweet newborn boy.
    Yet trouble will happen,
    Right out of the blue.
    That’s why sometimes Angels
    Need Guardians, too.

    A bright orange blaze
    Burns into the night.
    Your Angels inside,
    Such a horrific sight.
    Yet Florian’s Angels
    Are sent out to you,
    For your little Angel
    Has Guardians, too.

    The Angles crawl in,
    And find the poor tot.
    But something’s not right.
    The flames are too hot!
    As ceilings collapse,
    There’s nothing to do,
    But pray that these Angels
    Have Guardians, too.

    Inside the Wreckage,
    All is thought lost,
    When up from the rubble,
    Stands Florian’s Cross.
    Held in his arms,
    Is something in blue.
    The Angel’s saved, thanks
    To his Guardian, too.

    But how did they make it?
    No man could survive.
    From something like that,
    He can’t be alive.
    And so it would seem,
    And I swear that it’s true.
    It looks like that Angel,
    Has Guardians, too.