• na na na na are love is dieing cause
    the pain you put me throw makes me cry ever
    time i do are love is losing more trues
    the what we have in are love how do we find
    all the trues we lost when i cry all night
    long when you dont care how i feel at all and
    i just sit around crying all night and i cry
    cry throw the night with all the tings you said to
    me i cant feel you any more in my heart
    when i cry all night long i should feel happy but
    i cant stop try to think of you i cant so
    cry cry cry cry even more are love is no more so
    know whos the one crying all night long
    you'll never see me cry anymore na na na na na
    na na cccrrryyy any more i still want
    you back but you want nothing to do with me and
    my love.