• Why
    He was a warrior to every one of what hes acomplished, of what hes done.
    He's touched many people,changed their lives so when he passed so many cried asking over and over again why.
    Why did you go why aren't you here,why did you leave us all to fear.
    To wonder what fate is to come,to wonder what is still to be done.
    To ask god over and over again why he took a father, an uncle, a brother,or a friend.Each and every day i tried hard to understand, till one day i found out it was all gods plan. For he sent my father out to touch so many lives to be a victim of cancer till suddenly he had to die. He's done so many things that god was overly pleased he acomplished everything that god really needs.
    And now it is time that he is at rest and finnally feel his best, with no pain no hurt no more feeling like dirt. And im sure i will see you again my young father, my best friend.

    R.I.P Harry GrayII heart