• All i gotta do is talk to you
    All i gotta do is say whats true
    But when i see you face i just walk away
    Because i forget what to say

    I feel like I need to cry
    If someone on asks if somethings wrong I need to lie
    No one can help me through this
    Cuz I was the only one that knew it

    I wonder inside if you could be the one
    You were like my personal sun
    You brought me joy at my saddest times
    And your helping me make this poem that rhymes

    You were my best friend
    But all good things end
    I will never the forget
    And will always be upset

    Thank you for all you've done for me
    I'll be on my way and leave you be
    It may be hurting me forever
    But I know in my heart we can never be together