• all want is for us to rock so lest pop rock drop
    it was like we were just friends but thew the night
    we found out more so lets rock the night away
    and have a good time throw it we'll pop drop rock the
    night away forever with this love bubble were stuck
    in and cant get out so lets rock rock rock with it
    we'll be together for ever we'll always be friend no mater
    what happens so lets rock on and there the night are love
    will stay strong no mater what we'll rock all night long so
    we'll pop rock drop all night in this club and feel the beet
    in are love in are heart no mater what will happen to us long
    from now tell we die so lets rock lets rock lets rock
    all night long in are love bubble we can fly way
    in the air and we'll rock all night long in the sky
    fell the beet there your feet and dance do it