• Will i ever find love?
    Is it looking for me?
    What is love?
    Is it the connection between to people or is it more?
    More than anything.
    Love is complex.
    Is love knowing you can stare someone in the eyes and knowing there the one.
    Knowing that there going to be there for you,to hold you,to protect you?
    How does one know that there love loves them?
    Do they tell you under the stars or do they simply just dont tell you at all.
    How does one love one that does not feel the same?
    Is it really love?is there someone out there looking for me?
    Is someone wanting to love me?
    Wanting to hold me,to be there for me,to protect me?
    Will i find love?
    Will it find me?
    Will we find each other?
    heart heart