• Lights go off
    Eyes slowly shut
    Darkness comes crashing down
    My mind goes blank
    My senses go wild
    No one can save me now
    No one but myself
    How did my life become like this
    Why do I live in darkness
    Alone in the dark with no one there
    With no one by my side
    No one cares about me
    Dark room nothing but hate
    Lies surround me in the dark
    I look for a door to escape
    Nothing but a dark room

    Without you by my side
    This is how I feel
    Dead in the shadows
    Gone from the life
    Away forever and never coming back
    cries, tears, hate, betrayed
    What do they all mean
    Has my life been ruined by you
    Or is it me who ruined my life
    Alone in darkness means nothing
    All I know is that I could be dead
    Can i survive this life
    can i be saved from the darkness
    Will I live that life I want?