• My love blossomed,
    Bloomed, but will never
    wither away. I give you
    a red rose to show you
    I'll stay. After it dies,
    don't expect me to leave,
    the rose might be dead,
    but in true love, I believe.

    Roses, for some, show true love,
    but what of the roses inside?
    If roses show love, don't we each
    posses one that never dies?

    My love for you will never
    disapear, you need not worry,
    you need not fear. Remember
    the rose that you can't see,
    it will always be there
    and always be free.

    All I want is yours in
    return. Will you give
    it to me? I swear it
    wont burn. I'll keep
    it alive with my own
    blood. I'll hold it high
    during a flood.

    Will you do the same
    for me? Protect my heart
    and not let it bleed?
    Our love is forever,
    it will always be.
    You mean more then
    anything in life to me.