• “Lies”

    So much pressure; so many lies,
    Yet you ask how I can despise?
    My life at it’s highest,
    Is completely biased.
    I try my best; I do the work,
    Without so much as a haughty smirk.
    I am content with my tries,
    But not you; you make tears fall from my eyes.
    I come with bad news; you destroy my hope,
    I honestly have no idea how to cope.
    All these lies,
    And my nerve-wracking cries.
    You don’t see,
    you never do,
    I stick to these tasks like glue.
    And when you shoot me down,
    It makes me want to skip town.
    You ask me to trust?
    You fill me with disgust.
    Just one more thing you ask,
    One more thing to add to my mask.
    I try to please, I really do,
    Those words I want I refuse to spew,
    It is because I care,
    For you, I shall never dare.
    I love you, but when you say,“Do this, and be gay!”
    I don’t see your view,
    Your words seem so untrue.
    I should believe you; you’ve seen this all,
    But because of you here comes my downfall.
    I can’t take it, I really can’t.
    Especially when you rant.
    You say we have our off days,
    Yet you don’t understand that my head is a maze,
    I must remember so much,
    I am fearful of my touch.
    Why must you do this, you hurt me so bad,
    It makes me fuming, fuming mad.
    I don’t want to hurt you,
    I will not be you,
    And now it is through.