• Burning pits of fire!
    Oh! How doth my soul enjoy
    The screams that pour forth
    From your treacherous lying mouth.

    No relief from hellish torture.
    You beg for mercy I was never shown,
    Pleading and crying for the relief that will not come.
    How now can you stand seeing your own mirror?

    I am the darkness you created,
    A monster that you can't stand.
    With each new scream,
    I smile in glee and the monster within purrs.

    I never wanted this wrathful monster!
    It's all your fault and you refuse the blame,
    but you beg, you plead, for me to save you
    from the thing you would not save me from.

    Am I really just a monster now?
    Must I be that which you made me,
    when still I feel a friendship to you?
    I grimace as your screams slowly die.

    You're just like everyone else,
    So pathetic and weak like a worm.
    My eyes watch your broken form,
    and as the monster purrs, I shed my last tear for you.