• Where the lily pad grows,
    Where the wanderer goes;
    Where the moon casts light,
    Upon the lake in the night;

    Where deep blue resides in the depths,
    Where the grass is caressed by the winds' gentle breaths;
    Where grace glows within stars above,
    As a reflection of Earth's beauty and love,

    Where soft sand sleeps upon the shore,
    Where the crickets cry once more;
    Where the sole sound is the beat in your chest,
    As together we lay down to rest;

    Where safety and warmth shall therein be,
    Where the eye of night can plainly see;
    Where understanding will surely lie,
    As well as passion that cannot die;

    This is where I yearn to be;
    I shall stride there happily.
    Therein is beauty that never dies,
    This is the realm within your eyes.