• "My Twilight"

    Twilight is the Beginning and the End.
    The Beginning of Day, the End of Night,
    The Beginning of Night, the End of Day.
    It Connects things.
    Forming the never-ending circle
    Of Good and Bad.
    Of Light and Shadow.
    Of Day and Night.
    Because you can't have one without the other.
    Because if you did, there would be no Meaning.
    Standing here with you during Twilight,
    I can see;
    See the Light of the World,
    See the Love,
    See the Life.
    See the Dark of the Universe,
    See the Hate,
    See the Death.
    I can see everything we Are.
    We are Connected.
    We have Meaning.
    A never-ending circle of You and Me.
    You are My Twilight.