• when i said that i know were gonna move on soon

    i didnt say i WANTED TO

    the thing that took me so long to get over that made me cry like my dog died

    was because i know sooner or l8r ur going to move on

    tecnically u already have{domonic}

    i wasnt ready for the realazaton that were on only friends

    and thats probally how its goning to be for a while

    domonice was wahtever but soon theres going to be some1 else

    some1 that makes you way happier than i ever did

    someone way prettier and just all around gr8 fer you

    and thanks to last night

    all of the thought and the tears that went into this,

    that when that day comes i wont be in for as much of a shock

    ill be ready to sit in the backround and just be ur friend

    because i love you way to much to hold u back

    so for now im just gonna be sitting here waiting for that day

    enjoying what we have now

    trying to forget about the future and focus on the present

    secretly hopeing that when you do meet that person

    shes the best

    i love u bestfrend ^-^