• This morning the air was cool,

    And though it became warmer as the day went on,

    There was a chill in the breeze and a shiver in the shade that spoke:


    It was fall when we met.

    The trees are gilded, gold and bronze

    Like your hair, shining in the thin sunlight.

    In my new home, I hear first the traffic outside my window,

    Then, beneath brakes and acceleration,

    The birds singing as the wind whispers through the trees.

    Beneath the smell of asphalt and gasoline is the smell of autumn, and

    I can smell you there.

    It reminds me of the days spent lying in the grass with you.

    The scent of you and Autumn clogged my senses.

    The melody of nature was louder then, but the sky was the same hard, clear blue.

    The world went on forever

    Above me and in your eyes

    The air grew colder, but I was warm in your arms.

    When we sat close together in the park, my right shoulder was never cold.

    Though the searching wind found its way into my jacket and gloves,

    It couldn’t penetrate the space between us.

    My left had was numb, but my right was wrapped around yours.

    The snow became caught in your inky lashes

    So that your molten eyes were framed by silver.

    I kisses away the icicles, laughing as the snow flurried around us.

    When the first green poked through the white,

    You began to pull away

    You started to sit father apart from me,

    But I thought it was the weather.

    The warming air didn’t require the same proximity that the frigid air had.

    But the tone you used sometimes….

    I felt the cold weeks after the snow was gone.

    We met in autumn, but it was spring when you left.

    You said you were leaving, going away.

    I asked where.

    No matter where you said, I would have gone too.

    But you didn’t answer, only looked at me.

    I saw in your eyes a reflection of spring,

    A new life without me

    So I let you go.

    The years pass and they mean nothing, but the season speak.

    It was Fall when I fell,

    In Winter I was happy,

    In Spring I said goodbye,

    And in Summer I was alone.

    It’s Autumn again, but was only Fall once.