• Everyone points. Everyone stares. Everyone laughs. They always laugh. Everywhere I go, laughs. Men, women, teenagers, kids. No matter what I do or say it's useless. They've already made up their minds. I'm a freak. I'm a monster. Don't touch him, he's sick and you'll get sick too. Sick.

    War won't be the fall of man; man's own ignorance will be. Their willingness to quickly dismiss someone who's not another sheep quietly obeying orders is almost mind-numbing. But then again, it's not all that surprising. I should've known this would happen; man fears what it does not understand. That fear then leads to hatred. By that point it's too late. Nothing I couls ay to them would make any difference.

    It's a shame really, because if man would simply open their minds instead of their eyes, we could achieve eutopia. No point in thinking about that now. There are more pressing issues at hand. If I stay in one place too long, I become the target. I must constantly hide in order to protect myself from one day to the next.

    Maybe one day man will come to realize that what they're clinging to isn't as special as what could be.