• Once upon a time you lived laughing in my life
    And I. . . I knew it was right. . .
    Your type of love was the best type of love.

    And even now my heart misses
    your kisses
    because your kisses were the best kind of kisses.
    (You had the sweetest lips)

    My skin still tingles with the memory
    Of your electric fingertips
    running it's length. . .

    And your strong arms
    that would hold me
    Ever so tightly.

    My cold hands hunger for
    the warmth of your chest
    which underneath

    A heart beats
    for my breast misses your beats
    beating across from it's beats.

    And my ears want more to hear
    your voice and breathing
    For being so close to you and not speaking--

    is sad.
    And being so close to you
    And not reaching into your brown eyes

    with my green eyes, is sad.