• My parents left me when i was young
    I grew up in the street,i had a bad tongue

    I was raised by a gangster
    until he was shot by a police officer

    I got a job as a pick locker
    until i was caught by the car owner

    I was jailed for several days
    then i went on a stupid place

    I used to cry all day long
    but i realised it was all wrong

    I leaved a hard life
    I decided to end it with a knife

    I was stopped by a girl
    Who soon became my world

    She told me to fix my life
    She threw away my killing knife

    She taught me how to love
    And lived freely like a dove

    In the city i found a decsent job
    I worked as a janitor in a nearby pub

    I had a family
    We lived happily
    Until i was shot by an enemy