• I've always kept my head down low
    To know the ground was safe below
    That if I fell
    I'd catch a ledge
    And end up where I stood again
    But love came by
    With it's shimmering eyes
    Its quizzical laughs
    And caring sighs
    Swept me off my feet
    And carried me high
    I lifted my view
    From what I usually do
    As I watched the things
    I've never seen
    Since my eyes
    Were kept between
    Where I stood
    And all I've seen
    But as soon as I gave
    And lifted my view
    And grew dependent
    Just on you
    I didn't notice
    All that time
    That my feet had lifted
    Off that line
    So when love left me
    With simple tales
    Of "Lets be friends"
    And "If all else fails"
    I fell so fast
    The wind rushed by
    I never realized
    How high I'd climbed
    So down I'm falling
    With so much pain
    My tears keep falling
    As I sob your name
    But don't you fret
    I'll climb back up
    Step by Step
    Like a following pup
    And if I see you
    I'll laugh and laugh
    To see your face
    When I climb right past