• Down into the darkness is where i fall
    down into the depths away from all
    down in the darkness is where i depart
    my body and my soul away from my heart
    forever will my body bleed
    my heart is what my body needs
    to love the one i so longly urged
    to hold in my arms.
    i call for help from all around
    but not a peep not a word
    not even a sound
    all i see is you there
    along side me in the air
    falling together in the dark
    my mind is at peace and my body
    full of spark.
    but as you fade away in the dark
    i see my own heart break apart
    only a memory of you
    though i wished wat was there was true
    my body bleeds till theres nothing left
    i am now trapped in the depths
    my tears fall down my face
    my life that is now erased
    forever will i call out you name
    hoping you will save me and take me away.