• is it time to go for me?
    is it time for me to leave?
    this is the question i ask of thee
    do u care if i stay?
    is this my death's way?
    all these questions have but one hint
    that every one with me has had it
    i know to you this might sound bad
    but this is the only good idea ive ever had
    to know that my pain i cause
    is gone like me
    and that ill be completely free
    so please dont morne my leaving
    and just look to the new seeing
    the seeing of happyness of i
    that now my soul while fly through the sky
    and were no one can cause my heart to break
    and it wasnt my life i take
    no it was not taken from me
    no not at all its been set free
    so as i type this saddend letter
    i just wont to say good bye
    good bye......forever