• My Bros - Brady Buckman

    Hey what's up bro's,
    and all you hoe's?
    Let's go chill at the mall,
    after we get back from Study Hall.
    Let's all goto Taco Bell,
    before we all goto Hell!!

    This is going out to all my bro's,
    and a couple of my hoe's.
    Don't look at me like that,
    you know I look sexy in this hat.

    Let's stay connected through Myspace,
    no lets not have a street race.
    I'll tell you all my secrets,
    while we laugh at Ryan Secrest.
    May our fun never end,
    our friendships will never bend.

    This is going out to all my hoe's,
    c'mon I gotta talk about them bro's.
    Let's try to still remember,
    to always be together.

    Yo, bro's,
    Hey, hoe's.
    We've goto go,
    Miko stay with your boyfriend Moe.
    Later guy's,
    let's try to remember when we look at the skies.