• I hear myself yelling at you it feels so harsh but I didn't care,
    I kept on screaming at you and you did the same,
    You said you give up on me,

    I still didn't care I felt my tears roll down my cheeks as my screams hurt my ears,
    I felt my throat started to dry up and hurt from crying and from holding in my tears,
    Your voice breaks me into pieces,

    You said to me that you've seen me depressed all these years,
    I said to her back in a scream then why didn't you do anything and let me suffer and get the full effect of it,

    You never answered me but yelled at me about a random thing,
    I felt my love giving out and running out for you,
    I felt my heart shatter and ached from the pain and sorrow,
    I felt like I was going to die from my heart breaking into pieces,

    You looked at me saying that I never gave you a chance,
    I said back to you its because you never gave me a chance and treat me like I'm a kid. I am grown up now,

    But you didn't believe me so you kept on yelling hurting my ears and shattering my heart, while I did the same to you. The yelling the screaming the crying will never stop until you give me a chance just once in my whole life...

    Why is it too much to ask for... I turned my back on you just now and heard you say you had to go and you love me but, I replied back with my hate in my words I don't care bye...

    I do not know anymore if I can love you ever again after all what u did to me,

    and also I'm surprised you don't hate me for what I've done to you... You only suffer and try to make me happy when it is to late to make me happy I got swallowed by my depression forever and the effect of it will always be there haunting me making me do things I do not want to do...

    All I have to say is good bye...