• I'm losing all my thoughts
    all my dreams
    I'm down on my knees with all of these weird things
    they surround me and make me feel so weak
    they want me to leave
    and never see the day or night again
    but so much has happened in this life
    I call mine
    so much has happen that was such a bad time

    Now I'm losing my mind with all these crazy rimes
    I don't know what to say
    when I see that hideous face
    of what I thought was love but no just another lost soul
    bound to this earth by faiths

    I'm sick of losing
    I'm sick of pain
    so what don't you just leave me
    like a worthless p***k you are
    you were never there when I needed help
    you just watched me curl up in pain and just smile
    you thought you made me happy cause you made me laugh a few times
    but really your just hurting me
    like every other god damn guy!

    So I'm losing my mind and life
    to this damn thing I call love
    so why don't I just forget about you
    and forget about this pain
    and move on with my life!