• **whispered**
    I want to take you on a journey
    Somewhere you have never been
    A Place where anything can happen

    So close them lightly
    Don't open them up
    Breath in deeply
    And let me take you there
    To the highest of heights

    Picture this
    a garden full of

    you walk down a path
    unknown of where you are going
    but going all the same
    you take a turn to the right
    and you hear a stream

    not to far but not to close
    you follow the noise
    slowly you come to a clearing
    there is a bridge
    a river below
    a water fall a few feet away

    You sit beneath a tree
    slowly lay back
    close your eyes
    listen to the water

    I slip out from beneath the fall
    look at you smiling
    you have found my safe haven
    you have found my soul
    i slip myself beside you
    my skin glistens with water
    I gather you close
    hold you tight

    You sigh not realizing
    I am by your side
    not letting you go
    just close your eyes
    I will be by your side