• Don't listen to what they say,
    come out with me to play.
    There are no monsters here,
    there is no pain, or any fear.

    Down to the forest we go,
    be careful to not fall below.
    Birds are chirping wildly,
    while we are dancing childishly.

    Coming here with you was a grueling chore,
    but we finally arrived at her door.
    You are so happy you do not see,
    what is about to become of thee.

    We step in, and she comes out,
    and she smiles, with no signs of doubt.
    She leads you to a table bare,
    and sits you on a wooden chair.

    She comes back with special drinks,
    mine is blue and yours is pink.
    You take three gulps and put it down,
    while I secretly pour mine on the ground.

    You fall against the table shaken,
    and go into a slumber, from which you wont awaken.
    It would have been better if you refused,
    for your life is something you wouldn't lose.