• the perfect life
    the white picket fence kind
    the upstanding type
    the perfect lie
    we've all got demons inside that tear out the pilgrim dressed in white
    they stop us from doing whats right
    we can only apologize for our meaningless sighs that lack empathy for attempted cries
    the perfect life
    the perfect lie
    he clears his throat and smiles
    he washes his hands and walks away
    from the only woman he ever loved besides his wife
    torn from the hand of his gone father
    so sorry to have to let his mother go
    brought to life watching her die
    he thinks of how he never wanted to kill her more
    than when he was watching her sleep
    knowing all the while she had betrayed him
    so sorry to have to let his mother go
    he brings out the meaning in love you to death
    the meek will inherit the earth