• i love the way you look at me
    i love the way you say my name
    i love the way you talk
    i love the way you walk
    i love the way you sound over the phone
    i just dont love you
    at first you made me feel loved
    you makde me feel pretty
    you made me feel good about myself
    but along the rode you let me down you did somethings you said you would never do to me you lied to me
    you said you didn't want me to feel like you were taking addvanege of me i told you i didnt but now i do i feel like sence im 3 1/2 years younger then you you felt like you could do what ever you wanted to me
    and i just want you to know you cant i have come to far for you to pull me back down
    i was mad at you so i took it out on myself my cutting myself thinking it would make it better but it didn't it made it worse it made me hurt more
    but the more i hurt the more i relize thats what you wanted you wanted me to hurt
    so im here to say im over you you have moved on and so now its time for me to move on as well

    ps. i dont cut myself anymore if anyone is woundering