• The pages of a book are important
    To the reader in which he is wondering
    And asking questions with the five W’s
    Who, what, when, where, and why

    The pages of a book unfold
    The reader’s imagination
    For a young reader can unleash
    Its true power of creativity

    Though novels are not all the same
    Some are read from beginning to end
    Some are read from end to beginning
    And oddly enough, they start in the middle

    Novels are tools of inspiration
    To think and come up with new ideals
    They all share stories and tales
    Weather it would be fiction or not

    Novels share feelings and emotions
    From happiness to sadness
    To loving and hatred
    And to destinies that either unfold or enclose

    Authors that write these novels
    Have feelings for the novels
    Weather they feel happy and write about laughter and fun
    Or when they feel sad and write about sadness and despair

    The connection that the author has
    To the reader that is captivated by their writings
    Are impossible to break
    For the readers are attached to these novels

    Novels can either be
    About thoughts from within or actions outside
    But no matter how harsh or relieved these documents may be
    They hold the key to ones talent

    For the underground authors
    Who have their ideas to share
    Read books and collect ideas
    So that they have a realization to what they write
    For the recognized authors
    Who are famous for their astonishing talents
    Look upon other books
    To recollect the ideals of other authors

    The novels that are hidden
    Are not easy to find
    But the tales untold
    Are impossible to compare

    The power within
    These novels that are unmatched
    Are the ones that are titled
    A Novel Untold

    Christopher B. Jarvis II