• I break into your house
    I creep across your floor
    I scurry like a mouse
    And end up at your door

    I peek into your room
    Oh hark, the boy – he sleeps!

    Creepy creepy
    Sneaky sneaky
    I come close to have a peeky

    Ah, yes, it is him
    Picture perfect, all and all
    Out comes the camera
    To put this moment on my wall

    Oh sigh! Oh wow!
    This one goes into my shrine
    I’ll place it right next to his smelly shirt
    And pretend he is all mine

    But until that day
    I stand behind the tree
    Still as stone I stay
    So he won’t notice me

    So… sneaky sneaky
    Creepy creepy
    I come close when he is sleepy