• Life is a fragile complicated thing,
    Bound by a thin thread of chance to a world that does not wish it
    We all live with the hope we’ll live longer
    But life is a string with many knots
    And in each knot a little smear of mortality
    And as you travel down your string the knots get bigger,
    Until you reach the end
    A man on a table
    He is on the brink of death
    He has traveled this strange path and met his end
    Is he angry at the world that would not keep him?
    He does not care
    Because his string has ended,
    To him there is nothing left to care about.
    We all live our lives with hope of future
    But we do not see the end
    Only the knots in our way
    That is until you reach the end
    Where there are no more knots ahead of you