• Out of ten marks, i always give myself full marks!
    Why? Am i the smartest of them all? Am i the prettiest of them all?
    NO! It is because i care and treat them as real friend.
    Not friend that take advantages of each other...

    When you are all alone,
    you are lost.
    No one to look for,no one to turn to.
    No one to lend you a shoulder when you feel like crying.
    No one is there,
    but do not worry,cause
    i am there.

    Who am I?
    I am the stretch of light in the cold and dark road,
    with no one with you.
    But i am there.
    By helping you grow,
    by caring for you and
    by weeding out your troubles.

    When the world forgets you,
    I will always be there for you.