• All four walls inch towards me in unison
    In their lack of haste I’m tortured with anticipation
    The air I struggle to inhale becomes thinner
    My lungs burn as if I'm drowning underwater
    The visual mentality causes my hands to shake in horrid fear
    The thoughts are flooding back to me
    I am feeling that feeling again
    If you hold me close, I will push you away without hesitation
    If you leave me here alone, I will yearn for your company
    I want to scream words of pain and cry out in wretched anger
    I want to throw things, breaks things, hit things, anything, to make it go away
    I am feeling that feeling again...
    Somehow I find myself lost in this place;
    As I fight myself for my own freedom
    Wanting more than anything to just be at peace with myself for once
    The evil spirits of my childhood haunt me with past nightmares
    A video reel projects from my eyes and lays before me
    and I am afraid of my own mind
    My fear and hurting seems to have taken control over me
    And no matter how far I run
    I cannot escape myself.