• Shaky hands on locker doors
    bleeding hearts exposed on floors
    Lifeless eyes blankly staring
    ravaging souls, never caring
    Live like empty pages torn
    a blood red rose bearing thorns
    Scribbles cover a masterpiece
    battles for Troy never cease
    A last lullaby from piano strings
    cold blue lips kiss dusty rings
    Bets against the queen of hearts
    bulls eye shots from ancient darts
    Enticing always, dancing flame
    a soul of stone still dies the same
    Crinkled leaves crushed by bare feet
    love gone wrong in summer's heat
    Hearts empty in filled churches
    dead graveyard a lost soul searches
    Crescent moon lost in a haze
    scripture fades with every phrase
    Teardrops fall on battered blades
    a lifeless hope always fades
    Candlelight on empty thrones
    lives trusted to mindless drones
    Sacred hymns sung passionless
    a scarred heart can't handle this.