• Sorrow in her soul,
    Happy when it rains,
    Hides her true feelings,
    All her true pains,
    She smiles real big,
    To cover up her tears,
    To hide all the bad,
    Hide all her fears,
    She sits in a corner,
    Buries her face in her hands,
    Thinks that no one cares,
    That no one understands,
    She envies those outside,
    So happy and carefree,
    She thinks to herself,
    “Why can’t that be me?”
    The only thing she wants,
    Is someone who truly cares,
    To put her together,
    To sew all her tears,
    She starts to cry,
    Tears stream down her face,
    Someone lifts her up,
    Someone with unusual grace,
    He dries her tears,
    Says it’ll be alright,
    Tries to set her free,
    Bring her into light,
    Saying she’s not alone,
    While looking in her eyes,
    She won’t believe,
    No matter how hard he tries,
    He tells her a story,
    The one of his life,
    About all the misery,
    About all the strife,
    He cracks a joke,
    She starts to smile,
    They begin to laugh,
    For the first time in a long while