• As you live life, and love,
    And life seems not to exist any farther.

    As you live life for hate and revenge,
    It slowly washes through you,
    Taking over your whole body and mind,
    The pain sears through your upper torso,
    In an agonizing unbearable sort of way,
    But only when the hate and revenge swallow you whole.

    Once I was this way,
    Walking, talking but never feeling,
    Never living.

    Once I was like this,
    Feeling unwanted,
    Walking and talking but never feeling.
    Never living.

    Once I was this way,
    Crumpling at the edges,
    Letting my anger over power me.

    ….Once I was alone…..

    But then I found the light,
    The off switch to my pain,
    To the sorrow that drenched me,
    Head to toe.

    I learned to laugh once more
    I learned to live.

    I have no regrets,
    No more pain…because I found you.
    I found a way to breath.
    The light in your eyes became my guide…
    You became my light, my lonesome star,
    Shinning so bright in the dark moonless night.

    I sought something un-understandable,
    Unimaginable, unintelligible.
    I realized then…
    When you became my love,
    That I had to let go, let live.
    All my fears and pains,
    My past life

    That all we had to do…was live
    To live with no pain, no fear,
    To dance with joy,
    To live life and live.