• school is cool
    i guess you can say
    school has rules
    and not a place to play
    but this is serious and not a game
    he has a gun for you've mock his name
    shots ring out from down the halls
    and screams are heard from through the walls

    I knew i should have skipped today
    then i know i would be okay
    what am i thinking then how would i feel
    oh my god this can't be real
    i must be dreaming i must wake up
    how does my brain come up with this stuff

    wait a second i know that boy
    and the summer nights we once enjoyed

    i remember we used to be friends
    in the woods we would run and pretend
    then one day it all just changed
    since then it hasn't been the same
    we never talk or go out to play
    I wonder how he got this way

    everything got quiet
    no more shots no more yells

    i look up and i see him
    he sits there crying
    i scream his name
    as he puts his gun to his head
    don't do it please don't i cried
    and all he said is it is to late
    then silence