• Have you been inside my world
    Inside the heart of a broken girl?
    Within the tears that once did bleed
    Upon the pure white dress of my mind?

    I yearned for the love of many,
    enclosed within my rose-hued fantasies
    Of requited love and lullaby fairytales.
    Down the silver path of moonlight and
    Through the haunting trees that parted
    Where I stepped.

    But as I reached the clearing , my dreams became quite still
    For I knew that the moment of fantasy and petty fairytales had past
    And love ,requited would never last.
    As my eyes did focus apon the scenes,
    Faces Of broken hearts and broken dreams
    I realised deep within my soul, each and every one were like me,
    That each and every one had been left unseen.
    The scars they held were real or mental, each one rough and marked like mine.

    And our souls danced within the fire, golden, shimmering, flashing,
    For the fairytales we live are real,but not the ones foretold
    Our fairytales are broken distorted versions, but material enough to hold
    Although Each child is hopeless, each child is home.