• Somber the bells on high do ring!
    Ghastly the voices of graveyards sing!
    A night? A fright? Nay an eve,
    What a sight! Faint hearts grieve,
    O'er the lost unhappy days,
    Whence embraced by sun's warm rays,
    T'were the fools whom daylight shun,
    And in moonshadows now do run.

    Shuffle off your mortal coil,
    Tis a dance to end all toil,
    Neath the star-lit, full moon sky,
    Watch as thy soul away doth fly,
    And in drawing that last breath,
    Utter final words in death,
    Now ever to haunt those left behind,
    Who look about and yet are blind.

    Glassy eyes, neath heartless skies,
    Absence of vital pulse denies,
    The hand of light, which life would stir,
    In these bones dead and interred,
    Till one night out of the year,
    Nay! An Eve! An eve of fear!
    Whence memory's dead are seen in glance,
    And in the graveyard skeletons dance.