• It doesnt matter how sad, how angry, how hateful
    It doesnt matter how ugly you say, how useless you say
    How worthless you think, acting this way is what makes you sink

    what makes you fall, what makes you fly, what makes you sing
    even for those who you dont think deserve it
    some have it, some need it, some want it but cant get it

    they try, they fail, they wish upon a star
    hope upon a heart to see who they are
    to love who they are, to give them a chance
    not Just another trying to get in their pants

    Trying to get in their head, To forget what you said
    To forget why you try
    when your all alone with these tears in your eyes

    you remember what it feels like to be all alone
    to feel like your stranded, when your broken
    when your breaking
    this feeling inside like a beating your taking

    and its not your heart beating
    more like your heart bleeding
    when your losing someone you love
    or finding someone to help you heal
    to make you feel like someone cares
    tht life is something someone shares

    Love is something we all wish to find
    sometimes we forget
    somewhere in the back of our mind

    waiting to be found, waiting to be heard
    trying to make a sound, but cant even say a word
    somewhere in the dark, in the light, in the shadows of the night

    somewhere in the park, in the picture in my hand
    somewhere in the playground playing in the sand
    somewhere in the sky, beyond the reach of those below
    someone starts to cry, beyond the reach of friends who dont know

    friends who dont see, the tears tht soak up the sorrow in me
    tears tht fall happiless, no happiness in these eyes you see
    an entire world within this person, within this one soul
    and all it takes is love to make them feel whole

    to make them feel free
    to make them feel as much as you or me hope to feel
    to make them believe tht love is really real
    tht love is really rare, tht it is possible for one to care
    even if only one, it may be the only way

    to keep the love in this world thts fading away
    to keep the life in this world thts fighting to stay

    Love Is For Everyone, dont think tht Im wrong
    Even if you feel like some Just dont belong
    If there is more love, there is more life

    You cant force it out with a gun or a knife
    You cant fake it, you can easily break it
    Love is so fragile so why dont you love it
    Love is so magical so why not enjoy it
    Love can be Tragical when ppl destroy it

    Tragical isnt a word you say
    well, some say love isnt real
    whose to say what isnt and what is
    Love is, Love isnt, Life is, Life isnt

    Love Is For Everyone I say, Love isnt for me you say
    Life Is so wonderful I say, Life isnt so great for me today

    Life can be Tragic, Love can bring magic
    so Love Life as it is, Love Life as it was
    Love Life as it will be
    Love Is For Everyone

    For anyone who believes, for liars and thieves
    For lovers and haters and Judgmental types
    For labels and symbols and stereotypes
    For groups and gangs and gays as well

    Love doesnt have a heart to sell
    wether its heaven or wether its hell
    Love is for losers and cheaters the same
    Love is for those who Just think its a game

    even if its not your kind of love
    you dont have to like it or love it or agree
    and Im not saying thts the kind of love for me
    but the fact is, it is some kind of love even if its fake

    even if in the end those hearts will break

    even if such love is only thought of a mistake

    for some ppl, its the only way they know how
    we may not understand if we look at it now
    or 10 years from now, its still just a joke

    its still just a lie or reason not to try
    a reason not to care
    not to question why
    its unfortunate and depressing
    its over-whelming & stressing

    is it more than you can take, more than you can bear
    more than just a dream, or more like just a nightmare
    Love can be unkind, Life can be unfair
    but I hope you have friends with wich you can share

    The hurt in your heart or happiness you hold
    The questions you have to answers untold
    The person you are or hope to unfold

    Theres so much in this world

    One world within another, One sister or one brother
    One child or one mother, One person and one soul

    Just waiting for a friend, waiting for the truth
    waiting to be loved
    to be taken away from this suffering youth
    or just waiting…

    to be taken away
    far from the worries and troubles of today
    to a better place where love can be found

    where love can believe or love can belong
    where love can be heard in the words of a song
    where love can be expressed & it can never be wrong
    where love can forever be found at heart

    even if its faded and falling apart
    some will hold on to it
    to keep it alive

    to show tht love can always survive
    no matter how much it endures
    no matter how different it is
    Love Is For Everyone

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