• How would you feel
    If you knew I had lied?
    How could you love me
    When I have so much to hide?

    I walk the path
    It's my deception
    The twisting darkness
    There's no exception

    Crying out
    But silence rings
    Into the suffering
    That silence brings

    You used to know
    But truth be told
    With all that stress
    The brain can't hold

    I know I lied
    For your own good
    Please don't tell me
    You misunderstood

    Sickness takes hold
    Brief spurts of delusions
    Voices calling out
    Please tell me they're illusions

    I'm going insane
    This I know well
    Just let me walk through
    My own personal hell

    I walk alone
    Silence my friend
    But still I hope
    That silence will end